Round and About


Lazy ole day in SL for me today.  Found a few bits and pieces for your perusal though, which is nice.  Things are definitely winding up and there are some great events on the horizon.  This is the calm before the storm methinks.

Pic 1:
Top:   LaBlaQ - Cashmere Thin Sweater - Brown (70L - The Fashion Garret)
Pants:  [SAKIDE] - Unbuttoned Leather Pants - Black and White (Part of Perfect Wardrobe outfit)

Pic 2:
Top:  Crave - Grounded Shirt - Black (0L - Comes with 3 diff coloured tops and pants - not shown)
Jeans:  [SAKIDE] - Blue Jeans - Garters - US (Rock Attitude Hunt)
Boots:  Crave - Knit Booties - Coal (0L)

Pic 3:
Tee:  Censored - Let It Be (New Item)
Legging:  Censored - Journal Legging 2 (New Item)
Bag: Censored - Topicalia Bag - Brown (The Tropicalia Bazaar)

Pic 4:
Outfit and Shoes:  P.iX.X.X.i.S - The Black Market Outfit (Black Market)

Pic 5:
Boots:  Prim & Pixel - WHV Walking Boot (99L - New Item)

Pic 6:
Gown:  Chantkare - Dali Dress (The Fashion Garret)

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