Two Years


I realised today that I have been blogging for two years.  Now, you might well be saying, "So?".  Well, the fact is that I didn't know if I would last a year, let alone two.  It is a fickle game and not one for the faint hearted.  Sometimes it is a grind, but mostly I love it.

I will confess that there have been times when I have been tempted to let it go, but they pass quickly, thank goodness.  

For those of you out there who are thinking about blogging then here are some positives and negatives from me.


  • The awesome designers and event organisers I have met and am now friends with.  I love you all dearly and you have been there for me.  Thank you SO, SO much.
  • The people who read my rabid ramblings.  You are awesome and thanks for sticking with me.
  • The amazing clothes, furniture, houses, poses and accessories that I have had the honour to blog.  Where would a blogger be without them?  
  • The cool people I have met on hunts.  Thanks for your help.  I would have been a lot more frustrated without you.
  • The time I have spent.  Sometimes it means I miss out on stuff in SL.  I have had to decline invites to dance, listen to music and generally hang out, cos I have had to get a blog post done.
  • The money I have spent.  Do NOT think that blogging is about getting free stuff, cos it is not.  I DJ to keep my blogging addiction alive. This is not a whine, cos I love it and would spend it all over again.
  • It is a mostly thankless task.  I get feedback from designers, but I seriously would love to hear more from the people who read this blog.  Ok, that was a bit of a whine.  Sorry.
There ya have it.  The good, the bad and the ugly of blogging.  And now I have some people I really have to name and thank.
  • My co-blogger and friend, Mister.  You rock and have made my life so much easier.
  • Winter {what next}, Cleom (Cleo Designs), Elle (Designer Prims), Corocota (Poison), Janie (Jane), Shiri (Sleek Styles), Carina (Amacci), Kinu [SAKIDE] and Miuccia (Kamikaze).  I have blogged your amazing designs and loved every minute of it.  Thanks so much for trusting me not to make your beautiful things look bad.  If I have forgotten anyone here, please forgive meeee!
  • My best buddy, Kav, who has supported and encouraged me, and been brave enough to tell me the bare, honest truth at times.
  • The best group in the whole of SL:  The Greatest Love Group.  You guys keep me hooked up on sales, events and hunts.  You make me laugh a lot and keep me very poor.  I love dry towel Fridays and even the Notecards of Doom.  Thanks for being a group that lets me talk crap and discuss everything from dinosaur porn to the merits of shopping addiction.
Well, that is it.  I almost feel like I was doing an acceptance speech.  Perhaps I should also mention world peace...

Pic Credits:
Hair:  [y] - Mochi Winter - Browns (Perfect Wardrobe)
Skin:  Quarantine - Pale Jenny Skin
Hoodie:  Bellies - Black Pima Cotton Knit
Jeans:  Fall Out - With Love Jeans
Boots:  [SeVered GaRdeN} - Dana Boots
Record Player:  LISP - Funky Lispette Record Unit (Collabor88)
Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Christmas in the Heart (100L on Marketplace)
House:  Designer Prims - Converted Boat Shed

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  1. Congrats Arya! Great post as usual. I'm guilty of reading and not always commenting, but just want you to know we appreciate you!

  2. Thanks, Winter. Lots of hugs!

  3. Wow 2 years, well done you! I too am guilty of following and not posting :(. Love your blog Arya, keep the great work. And big thanks to you for making our work come to life with your words and your amazing pics :)