Vintage Furniture


I have shown a lot of clothes and accessories from the Vintage Fair, but it is not all about those.  There are some amazing retro and vintage furniture items too.

I am going to show you a taste of those, but you really need to wander the Fair to see it all!

The skybox I took these pics in is not in the Vintage Fair, but is is called the FrostBox from {} and is only 100L in the Black Market.

Pic 1:
Cabinet and Accessories:  Hanaya - Grandma's China Cabinet
Stool:  Zigana - Simple Wooden Stool
Gramophone:  Scrub - Gramophone '30

Pic 2:
Sideboard and Accessories:  LISP - Retro Sideboard, Lamp, Rug and Prints (Bowl of Fir Cones not included)

Pic 3:
Furniture and Camera:  {what next} - Sophia Chairs, Prints and Table, Grace Lamp and Retro TV Camera

Pic 4:
Furniture:  Cleo Design - Vintage Set

Pic 5:
Hallstand:  Cleo Design - Retro Hallstand

Pic 6:
Furniture:  Cleo Design - Retro Musicbox, Wooden Rocking Horse, Vintage Armchair and TV

Pic 7:
Caravan and Furniture:  Cleo Design - Hippie Caravan

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