Winter is Coming


My name is Arya.  It is a name I chose with careful thought and deliberation.  I love to read and, at the time I joined SL, I was reading George RR Martin's 'Song of Ice and Fire' series, so I chose my favourite character from those books for my SL name.  I would have been Stark too, but we couldn't pick our last names back then and by the time we could I was Arya Braveheart and it didn't seem right to change.

Arya Stark is, in the books, fearless and cunning and full of fight.  She also balks at the idea of being a 'lady' like her sister, Sansa.  I liked this about her.  She is a scrapper and stands up for what is right.

So, when I saw that Cracked Mirror had these Mesh jackets for 100L in Taste of SL I raced to grab one.

They also have Lannister, Tully, Dothraki, Baratheon,and Targayen jackets for 200L.

Now, I did have slight fitting issues with only small and large on offer (male and female sizes), so be aware. But, I was clever and used an alpha for another mesh jacket I own and it worked.  Yay.

I would also like to point out, since I am a literary snob, that unless you have read the books you cannot be a passionate Game of Thrones fan!  Just saying.

PS:  I also had an avi named Daenrys, but she sadly got killed off...

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