ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter


"The ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter will be held December 1st – 15th on the Sketch Pad Sim. This event is themed around all things magic and set in a cottage town with enchanted snowy gardens. This is a 2 week event for such vendors as Ploom, Plastik, LISP, Del May, League, Finesmith, and sponsored by Hogwarts: Your Story RPG Sim, New Trails, - Quarantine -, & Seraphim! This event will not only be for vendors, but also a working town complete with magician cottages and an enchanting village atmosphere."

I am pumped and psyched about this event!  I am counting the days actually!  And I am rapt to be able to show you some previews to get your mouth watering and your wallet worried!

Background is from PNP and is called Dark Future 5 (not in event).

Pic 1:
Skin:  -Quarantine- - ZombiePopcorn Brand Apocalypto Skin
Outfit:  Sweet Antidote - Apoca
Pose:  Purple Poses - Magda (all poses are from Purple Poses)

Pic 2:
Tee:  Razorblade Jacket - Sepultus
Scar:  {Fallen Doll} - Eye Scratch Tattoo

Pic 3:
Bag and Arm Straps:  [ bubble ] - Survivor Bag and Straps

Pic 4:
Tee:  Elly - Post-Apocalyptic Tee Shirt
Boots:  Duh! - Ruined Black Suede Workboot

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