Depraved Collaboration


I am excited today because the new round of Collabor88 began and there are two...yes, TWO stores full of great things and only 88L each!  I have some awesome furniture items from there to show too, but they will be over on the Where The Heart Is blog, so take a look.

I also have some awesomeness from the upcoming Depraved and Desolate Winter Hunt that starts on Dec 15th and a few freebies I found round and about.  It is my usual hotch potch of stuff actually!

Pic 1 and 2:
Dress:  Tres Blah - Amor Fati Dress - Grey (88L at Collabor88)
Skin and Makeup:  Sweet'n'Tart - Baby It's Cold Outside Skin and Blush II Makeup (D&DWH)
Boots:  Prim&Pixel - Montana Shearling Wedge Boot (0L)
Earrings:  Magenta - My Nature (0L at Tropicalia Bazaar II)

Pic 3:
Top:  The Sea Hole - Braced Net Top - Jet (Group Gift @ Collabor88)
Jeans:  Raw Static - Denim F (D&DWH)

Pic 4:
Sweater:  HolliPocket - Cover-Up Cowl Stripe-Beige (D&DWH)
Tattoo:  Endless Pain - Beautiful Pain (D&DWH)

Pic 5:
Jacket:  [W]ynter - Me Love Winterview Jacket (90L @ Perfect Wardrobe)
Boots:  Sweet Antidote - Anyalia (D&DWH)

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