J'adore le Weekend!


I love the weekend and especially when that weekend has Spruce Up Your Space happening on it!  I also have a few other bits and pieces as well and the SL weekend is only half over!  Yusss!

{what next}
Bed, Drapes, Window, Blanket and Tray:  Nieve Bedroom Set (150L for SUYS)
Bedside Tables:  Nieve Decor (Lazy Sunday)
Armchair:  Nieve Armchair (New Item)
Rug:  Nieve Rug (New Item)

Sign and Penguin:  North Pole Sign

Mailbox:  Holiday Mailbox

InteriorAddiction:  L'il Winter White Cottage (150L in SUYS)

LISP Bazaar:
Hatboxes - Suede Pastel (50L in SUYS)
Cups and Flask:  Teddy Cups and Flask (50L in SUYS)

*Art Dummy!:
Chairs: The Edge of Winter Chair Set (75L in SUYS)
Ottomans:  The Edge of Winter Ottoman Set (75L in SUYS)

*Funky*Junk*:  Secluded Skate Pond (150L in SUYS)

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