Mid-Week Blues


I have the mid-week blues.  It is like the eye of the storm.  The craziness of the weekend ends and we wait with great expectation for the upcoming weekend.  Hence, for the lull and me wondering what to blog.

I am lucky then to have these awesome items to dish up for ya.  I hope they make hump day fly by!

I was also rapt that right in the middle of taking pics The Tropicalia Bazaar II opened up over on the PurpleMoon sim.  I raced over, fought lag and 50 million people just to get some items to show you.  Commitment...or should be committed... one or other.

Pic 1:
Jacket:  Leri Miles Designs - Wool Coat - Chocolate (250L at Wonderland Holiday Bazaar)
Pants:  Leri Miles Designs -  Uma Chocolate (150L at Wonderland Holiday Bazaar)
Scarf:  Tres Blah - Autumn Scarf (Old Hunt Item)

Pic 2:
Top:  Leri Miles Designs - Christmas Top 04 (30L in Grenade Free Wednesday)

Pic 3:
Sweater:  Paradisis - Sweet Winter - Red (Group Gift)

Pic 4:
Top:  PurpleMoon - Fusion Top in Orange (59L @ Tropicalia Bazaar II)
Hair and Hat:  MINA - Liss (75L with Colour Change Hud @ Tropicalia Bazaar II)

Pic 5:
Boots:  PurpleMoon - Megan Ankle Boots in Pink (69L @ Tropicalia Bazaar II)

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