Ready for New Year

Today is all about awesome furniture to have you decorated for that New Year Party at your place.  Remember people...."Be careful out there!"

Bed:  LISP Bazaar - Hodgepodge Bed - Blue Boho (50L in last ever 50L Friday)

Armoir:  [what next} - Nieve Armoire (New Item)
Hatboxes and Plant:  {what next} - Nieve Hatboxes and Flowers (New Item)

Dresser:  Cheeky Pea - New Year's Eve Bureau (50L in last ever 50L Friday)

Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Life is the Song (100L)
Pose:  Glitterati - Drink (50L in last ever 50L Friday - more poses in pack)
Dress and Makeup:  Kyoot - The Clocks are Broken - White (50L in last ever 50L Friday)
Shoes:  Maitreya - Alexa Wedges - Mesh (50L in last ever 50L Friday)
Hair:  Exile - Nikki - Moonlight (Subscriber Gift for New Year)


Happy New Year!

No more drinks for these two!

Mister and I would like to take this moment to thank you for all your support and encouragement over 2011.  And we would really like to thank you for actually taking the time to read our blog!

We wish you a safe and happy New Year!

We are looking forward to seeing where this blog goes in 2012 and remain committed to bringing you bargains, sales, hunt items and all the rest!

When Arya's Heart began there was just me, but now I have Mister to keep me in line and present you with a male point-of-view of life and style in SL.  Because of this, we think it is time to rename this blog so that it encompasses both of us!  So, if you have any ideas for a new name please leave a comment on this blog or send us a notecard in-world.  We have been thinking about it for ages and we have nothing, so we thought we would hand it over to you!

We look forward to your amazing ideas...


Hanging at Ho Wear

One of the fun things I did over the holidays was the hunt at Ho Wear.  Heidi always puts out some awesome stuff and I had a blast finding the boxes.  I am hoping it is still going but if it is not you can just drool over what I got and remember to do it next year!

Hair is from MINA Hair and is called Ainslinn.  Skin is from [IrEn] and is called Light Russian Winter.  I got it from Santa for being nice!  Lip blood is also a gift from Ho Wear.  Boots are from RFyre and are called Black Guard II.


Post-Christmas Blues

I hate the few days after Christmas.  They are depressing.  All the build-up to Christmas and then it is over and you are left with guilt about eating too much.  Sucks.

The great thing about SL is that Arya puts on no weight!  If only RL were the same...

Still, I do have some things to cheer you up if you feel the same way as me.

Pic 1:
Hair: [IrEn] - Paris - Wine (Santa gave it to me for being good!)
Skin:  Belleza - Lily - Pale - Br (Group Gift)
Scarf:  Baiastice - Christmas Red Scarf (Group Gift)
Outfit:  Schwarz - Xmas Giftie (0L)

Pic 2:
Top: Quarantine - Sequin Top - Cranberry (50L in La Venta)
Hair:  Shag - Pretty Please - Vodka (Group Gift)

Pic 3:
Outfit and Shoes:  B&T Atelier - Merry Xmas 2011 (0L)

Pic 4 and 5:
Outfit:  Peqe - Xmas Gift 2011 (Group Gift)
Jewellery:  Finesmith Designs - Shae Brooch and Earrings (Items in Finesmith Red and Gold Hunt)

Pic 6:
Dress:  Jane - Strap Dress - Alice - Cream (Group Gift)
Hair:  LeLutka - AWE Hair - Almost Goth (Group Gift)
Bracelet:  Finesmith Designs - Shae Bracelet (Red and Gold Hunt)

Pic 7:
Dress:  Jane - Lil Strap Dress - Slipped Up - Pale Gold (Group Gift)

Pic 8:
Hoodie:  Jane - Open Hoodie - Holiday - Charcoal (Group Gift)
Top:   Quarantine  - Sequin Top - Midnight (50L in La Venta)


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

For me the day is over bar the cleaning up of the wrapping paper and the race into town to join the shopping hoardes hitting the Boxing Day sales, but for most of you it is Christmas and you are probably reaching for that turkey leg or wondering why Grandma bought you socks again.

Whatever your day, I hope it is awesome!


Christmas Weekend

It is finally Christmas weekend in SL and is Christmas Eve in Aryaland.  I am now down to counting the hours til I can watch people unwrap their presents, which is my fav part.  I am also looking forward to the partaking of yummy Christmas food...mmmm....cheesecake...drool.

In SL, I am enjoying the flurry of last minute Christmas items and group gifts, so here they are!

Pic 1:
Dress:  Kyoot - Soft Holiday Mini Dress - Grey (50L in FLF)
Hair:  MINA Hair - Ainslinn (70L @ Tropicalia Bazaar II)
Necklace:  (Caroline's Jewelry) - Paw Print in Heart Necklace - Silver (KityCatS Advent Gift)

Pic 2 and 3:  PurpleMoon Creations
Gown:  Ice Princess Gown (Group gift)
Jewellery and Nails:  From Special Silver Pack (55L)

Pic 4:
Top: - Charm Blouse - Winter (50L in FLF - two colours in pack)
Shoes:  PurpleMoon Creations - Lace Pumps in White (Group Gift)

Pic 5:
Dress and Necklace:  G*Field - Holiday Dress and Necklace (Subscriber Gift)

Pic 6:
Gown:  Miamai - Aruee Christmas Gift (Group Gift)

Pic 7:
Gown:  Aleida - Lena in Rose Gown - Red (60L)


For Me and My Kitty!

Christmas is not just for me, although I am loving the awesome wintery items.  This year it is also for my cat, and she is loving all the goodies in the KittyCatS Advent Calendar.  I am worried I am spoiling her. Naaaaa!  At least there are things for both of us!

Cheeky Pea:  Melrose Winter Retreat (VIP Group Gift)

UrbanizeD:  KittyCatS Deck (KittyCatS Advent Calendar)

La'Licious:  KittyCats Waiting for Birds Bed (KA Calendar)

Second Spaces:  Grandma's Secretary Desk with Accessories (10L in 12 Days of Christmas)

MudHoney:  Modern Kitty Bed  (KA Calendar)


Let It Snow!

I am loving all the gorgeous sims covered in snow and looking so amazing.  I am also loving all the lovely clothes that are springing up all over the place!  Here are a few I found.

Hair is from and Earrings are from U&R Dogs.  Background is from PNP.

Pic 1:
Gown:  Elemiah Design - Merry Christmas (0L)

Pic 2:
Jeans and Top:  Kamikaze - Xmas 2011 Fatpack
Skin and Makeup:  Skin Within - Alina Skin and AlinaCliona Makeup (New Item)

Pic 3:
Dress:  Mimikri - Emily - Nomad (70L - The Dressing Room Blue)

Pic 4:
Dress:  *Fishy Strawberry* - Plisse Dress - Plum (58L - TDR Blue)
Makeup:    Skin Within - AlinaDulcina Makeup - Lips (New Item)

Pic 5 and 6:
Lingerie:  Cannibelle - Eira Lingerie - Silver (0L under Christmas Tree)
Shoes: Purrfect 10 - Gemini Ice Queen Heels (Group Gift)


How Many Sleeps Left?

I am counting the sleeps til the big day.  I even have an app on my iPod.  Scary isn't it?  I know I have been a bad blogger this week but, as an excuse, I have been running around like a headless chicken!

I promise to be better.  I am trying so hard to be good.  Don't want Santa to give me coal!

Nothing coal-like about the goodies I am showing you today.  Enjoy!

The scene I am in is one of the group gifts from PNP.  Is so cool!

Pic 1:
Hat:  Quarantine - Santa Hat - Rudolph (Depraved Gatcha - 10L)
Shirt:  RoTteN DeFiAnCe - Hanging Up Ornaments is the Best Part! (RD Rotten Hunt - Find the skulls instore!)
Jeans:  RoTteN DeFiAnCe - Almost Bloody, More Festive... (RD Rotten Hunt - Find the skulls instore!)
Earrings:  U&R Dogs - Olimpiade Pierced Earrings - Off-White (Fashionably Late Item)
Skin:  Amacci - Liane - Fair -05 Day (New Item)

Pic 2:
Dress:  VMC - MaHh - Heather (10L)

Pic 3:
Outfit:  VMC - Renna - Snowflakes (10L)

Pic 4 and 5:
Outfit:  Razorblade Jacket - Bitchen - Bikes and Spikes (separate items in Gatcha at  Depraved Gatcha  Event)
Boots:  Death Row Designs - Patchwork Bum Boots (D&DW Hunt)

Pic 6:
Outfit:  [SAKIDE] - Aroogant Santa Girl - Green (Perfect Wardrobe Item - also in Red)

Pic 7:
Hood and Scarf:   RoTteN DeFiAnCe - I Like Scarfs  (RD Rotten Hunt)
Sweater:   RoTteN DeFiAnCe - Tacky Christmas Sweaters FTW  (RD Rotten Hunt)
Boxers:   RoTteN DeFiAnCe - Boxer Briefs are Hot, JS  (RD Rotten Hunt)