Sunday, January 22, 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Iron

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This week's colour is Iron and I was hanging out all week to show you guys this gorgeous new mesh avi, so I wouldn't care if she was wearing bright pink, somehow I would wrangle it to be iron!  Luckily for me I found this awesome iron sim, so the scene was set.

My title for this week is...

Tiny Stature, Brave Heart

Avatar and Clothing:  Fallen Gods - Petite Elf - Pale and Steel Black Outfit
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Onion Petite Mesh Hair - Black Coffee
Poses:  Magnifique Poses - Barbarian Warrior and Trained Killer
Sim:  VC Designs


  1. But do people realise this avi is smaller than a tiny. It's a bitty wee cute lil elf.

  2. Gorgeous set of pics, I really wanna try one of these avis... cant wait to get my hands on one!!!

  3. Very nice... I love the environment!

  4. Very cute! Although you can't really notice the size in pics. She's smexy!

  5. I love the look - sweet, but with an iron determination. Awesome!

  6. Adorable yet fierce! I am so intrigued by the mesh avis, can't wait to learn more!

  7. how tiny is she? ...tiny but brave...nice you wanted to show your mesh avatar...and i sure will go and see that sim

  8. Gorgeous! She's like a serene samurai.