SL Days


I have decided that when you are away from SL for a couple of days in RL, that in SL it is like a week.  Like dog years,but different!  Well, that is how I felt when I came back yesterday after a 2 day getaway!  Perhaps it is just me.

Anyway, here is the awesomeness that I returned to:

Pic 1:
Hair:  Truth - Andrea With Roots - Sandlewood (250L for Colour Pack)
Jewellery:  Miel - Uva Earrings and Necklace (Group Gift)
Outfit and Boots:  [SAKIDE] - Dark Shepherdess Outfit (Perfect Wardrobe - New round starts tomorrow)

Pic 2:
Dress:  [SAKIDE] - Crochet Sweater Dress - Grey (New Release)
Boots:  [SAKIDE] - A Bit of Ostrich Boots - Black (New Release)

Pic 3:
Dress:  *BOOM* - Oslo Baggy Sweater Dress (88L @ Collabor88)
Pose:  Olive Juice - She Said (88L for Pack @ Collabor88)

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  1. haha i know how you feel, i get withdrawal symptoms from SL!! great pics! :)

  2. Aw Arya I so know what you mean about the days!
    And thanks for the comment.. my antispam blocked it I just found it.
    Very cute piccis!