I don't buy skins often in Second Life, I see them as investments and I only have a few solid ones. If you ever see me in-world, you'll know I don't change skins often and when I do, it's for a specific look. I'm picky when it comes to skins, I'm looking to wear the skin more than once and I want something that is versatile.
Also, I hate changing my shape to MAKE the skin look right. I'm one of those people where I like the skin  to look good with MY shape, without having to edit the crap out of it.

The new male skin, Jirka, by FILTHY Skins, has a nice realistic quality and has great details. Too many skins are overly shaded and can look "dirty", but Jirka gets it right. I'm wearing this skin with a shape I've made and I like how it fits nicely with my proportions. 

Jirka comes in three tones: Fair, Tan, and Expresso.
There are 11 different varieties of facial hair and comes with the option of including a hair base or not.

Skin: Filthy- Jirka (Tan 08- no hb)
Hair Base: Aitui - Standard Hair Base 001

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