Loads of Lovely


Have a whole pile of great home items for your enjoyment.  Real mix of items with one thing in common: GREAT!

Pic 1:
Table and Chairs:  [CIRCA] - Falling in Love - Chess Sitting Set (Fall in Love with Prims Hunt)

Pic 2:
Bath and Petals:  [CIRCA] - Rose Petal Tub Set (Hearts Ablaze Hunt)

Pic 3:
Window and Seats:  [CIRCA] - Lofty Window Seat and Lofty Cushion Seats (Season's Palette Hunt)

Pic 4:
Rug and Accessories:  L'aize Dayz - Lazy Day Blanket (New Item)

Pic 5:
Boat:  {what next} - Boathouse Cottage Row Boat (New Item)

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