New Store for Me


A friend sent me a notecard yesterday telling me about a lovely store so I high-tailed over there and was rapt to find it was one I had never heard of before.  Love that.

The store is called Ever An' Angel and in this time when stores seem to be closing it is nice to find one that isn't and is wanting to expand and grow.  Yay.

Gown:  Gilded Magnolia - Mesh Gown - Crimson

Gown and Shoes:  Angel Bayeux Gown and Heels - Taupe

Gown and Jewellery:  Dolci Gown - Creme D'Menthe and Necklace and Earrings (Also matching shoes)

Gown and Shoes:  Lettres D'Amour Gown and Heels

Dress, Jewellery and Shoes:  Redoute Cocktail Dress Antique (MESH), Grandma's Cameos and Redoute Antique Heels

Dress, Jewellery and Shoes:  Redoute Ball Gown, Grandma's Cameos and Redoute Shoes - Plume

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