Petite and Proud


Ok, I am a tad obsessed with my petite avi, but mostly cos I have discovered amazing items for my Petite to enjoy.  I almost want to give her a whole separate name...

Anyway, I have these cool items from That Chick and KaiAni to show you that will have your Petite jumping for joy! (Petite items at same place.  If LM takes you to entrance, use TP point and go to PETITES area).

Background is PNP - ICN - NaNoBoSc - 5 (100L for Pack)

Pic 1 and 2:
Outfit:  That Chick - Woodland Scout - Black (150L)

Pic 3:
Outfit and Staff:  That Chick - Forest Pixy Outfit (150L)
Boots:  That Chick - Petites Scout Boots - Brown (150L - with HUD)

Pic 4:
Gown:  KaiAna - Emma (200L)
Wings:  KaiAna - Petite Fairy Wings - Texture Change (250L)

Pic 5:
Gown:  KaiAna - Lady Amanda - White (150L)

Pic 6 and 7:
Stump:  That Chick - Petites Social Stump (150L)
Boots:  That Chick - Petites Scout Boots - Colour (150L - with HUD for Colour Change)

I have some handy hints for you too!  The lovely Kai and Anastasia gave me a helpful notecard for helping make my avi look perfect, cos I was having issues with feet sunk in the ground!  I have copied this info from that notecard:

  • Petites and Shoes:  As you may have already figured out.... shoe shapes do NOT do nice things to the feet of Petites Mesh avatars. How to get around this? Easy as 1, 2, 3...
  1. Detach your feet and attach your new footwear. 
  2. FIRESTORM:  Open your Advanced Tab on the top of your viewer. If you do not have your advanced tab showing you can bring it up by hitting  ctrl+alt+d.  Go to "Show Debug Settings" and in the text field type:   avatarzOffset.  Adjust the value numbers until you're happy with your placement above the ground.  (I'd suggest trying 0.500 to start with) .
  3. FIRESTORM (Alternate):  Quick Preferences, raise your Height Offset as needed.
  4. SL VIEWER 3:  Open the developer menu through the Advanced menu ( Ctrl +Alt+ D), there is an option towards the bottom.  Develop>Avatar>Character Tests>Allow Select Avatar.  Then Ctrl+3 to start the editor, and click on your avatar's body.  Please note that you need to click where your invisible av body is and NOT on your petites mesh body for this to work! 
  5. PHOENIX: In the Preferences, click the Avatar tab.. and it will bring up the X, Y, and Z modifier.  Change the Z modifier as needed.
  6. EXODUS:  Quick Tools Selection -> Click Gear Box -> in Options.
  7. SINGULARITY:  Preference -> Vanity -> Body Dynamics
With special thanks to AineMari Flanagan and the members of the ~petite~ group for these hints on other viewers!

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