Renovation Time


I felt it was time for a change on my land.  The neighbours have had a blast renovating, changing houses, landscaping and decorating, both inside and outside.  I wanted to join the fun!

The big decision was the house.  What did I want?  I really wanted something light and airy with a lovely outdoor deck area.  Then I remembered the lovely Coastal Skybox from {what next} and felt I might even have a go at modifying it for the ground.  It took me a couple of rezzes, but I am happy with what I ended up with.

Thought I would show you what I have so far.

LISP Bazaar - Tuttifruiti Deck Chairs - Blue
Table and Accessories:  {what next} - Coastal Cottage Console Table, Breakfast Room Cafetiere, and Coffee Cups - Blue
Lanterns and Books:  {what next} - Garden Party Lanterns (from Picnic Table Set) and Coastal Cottage Books (From Living Room or Bedroom Sets)

Mailbox and Outdoor Seat:  {what next} - Cottage Mailbox and Coastal Cottage Outdoor Seat Cushions
Grass:  KIDD Creation - Real Grass Flowered Meadow

L'aize Dayz - Summer Garden Bath

Couch, Fireplace and Rug:  {what next} - Beach Cottage Daybed, Coastal Cottage Rug and Coastal Woodburning Stove
Pictures:  Awesome Blossom - Cat Got Your Heart and Love Brought It Back Print (Closed Store...weep)
Cat:  KittyCatS! - Meet my cat, Winter!

Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Life is the Song
Table and Accessories:  {what next} - Coastal Cottage Coffee Table, Flowers,  Breakfast Room Cafetiere, and Norwegian Wood Coffee Cups

Chair and Table with Accessories: LISP Bazaar - Coastal Chair and Table, Frame and Bottles (In 10L area)
Furniture:  LISP Bazaar - Bookreading Corner

Record Player:  LISP Bazaar - Funky Lispette Record Unit
Wall Sign:  {what next} - Blogger's Office Noticeboard
Cat:  KittyCatS! - Meet my other cat, Summer!

Chair:  Awesome Blossom - Crazy Cat Lady Armchair (Hmmm...)
Desk and Accessories:  {what next} - Blogger's Office Set - Ciel
Rug:  Trill Zapatero - Dragon Rug (person, not a store, but have included LM to art area)

House: {what next} - Coastal Cottage (modified for ground use...haha, I just took out two patio wall pieces!)

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