52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Aquamarine

I had no idea what to do with this colour.  I had a dress and that was it.  Then, out of the blue, an awesome designer of Petite items threw me some outfits and there in the midst was one labelled Teal (which is a close relation of aquamarine)...and it was just what I wanted.  I hugged her through IM and then raced to do these pics.

I have titled these:

Don't Cage Me

Petite:  PETITES + Fallen Gods - Elves - Sunkissed
Outfit: That Chick - Beautiful Assassin - Teal Set (New Item)
Cage:  The Looking Glass - Petites Birdcage


  1. super cute aquamarine warrior.. very nice pictures.. love it!!!!

  2. What a lucky delivery of goodies, and you look great! Love that first picture in particular.

  3. for not knowing what to do you did a great job! I love the first picture most :)

  4. Love that strong look you're pulling off :)

  5. Great shots! I love how moody and dark these are.

  6. Such great photos! You look fierce!