52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Tea Green


This was one of those colours that I thought I had lots of in my inventory but, when I looked, it turned out I didn't.  Luckily I got talking to a designer friend and she supplied some inspiration...and when I say inspiration, I mean clothing items...so finally the look came together.

Here is what I came up with and I have titled it:

Tea, Anyone?

Step 1:  Apply sunscreen

Step 2:  Make tea

Step 3:  Realise it is too hot, and make iced tea instead

Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Monique II - Gingerbread
Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses Style - Sofian Mesh Sunglasses
Skin:  Exodi - Sophie - Fraise - Goddess (VIP Gift - Free to join)
Tank:  Ever An' Angel - Garden Tank Sage
Shorts:  [SAKIDE] - Whatever But Classy Shorts - White (Depraved Spring Hunt)
Shoes and Socks:  Ever An' Angel - Sneaky Feets - Sage (Mesh)
Tree Seat:  LISP Bazaar - Tree Seat - Baa & Chirp (Collabor88)
Crate and Accessories:  LISP Bazaar - Grandma's Knitting Circle Crate and Accessories
Bag (In front of crate):  PurpleMoon Creations - Vintage Voyager Bag in Green (In Boho Store)
Table, Chair and Accessories:  {what next} - Orlaith Garden Set
Radio:  {what next} - Retro Radio - Leaf (Lazy Sunday)
Dandelions and Grass:  KIDD Grass - Real Green Grass Meadow - Dandelions
Teabag in Pic 2:  cluttered flowey - Tea is What Winners Drink

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  1. OMG... thats so sweet..I'll take tea please
    BTW, are you named after Arya Stark ?

  2. Yes, I am. But waaayyyy before the miniseries came out, there was the books...

  3. Wow, so much thought put into these! Absolutely well done!