Collabor88-tion Time


Collabor88 has a new lot of items out and I managed to sneak in and wade through the lag, survive 5 crashes and get you these three goodies.  I will be back as there is more I want!

Top:  ISON - Shear Layered Shirt (88L)
Shoes: ISON -  Color Block Prism Pumps - Cognac (88L)
Seat:  LISP Bazaar - Garden Seats - Baa and Chirp (188L for 2 sizes with colour change)
Skin:  Dulce Secrets - Rhylee - Bitter Black Cat Natural (Fashion for Life Skin)
Shorts:  JANE - Bobby - Chocolate (NOT at Collabor88)
Hair:  Exile - Bring it On - Frosted (NOT at Collabor88)
Tattoo:  Para Designs - Musicfest (NOT at Collabor88)

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