Sweet Petite


Some more amazing new items to show from That Chick that are just perfect for your Petite!  I am loving the creativity that is coming out around these tiny avis!

Normally I don't show whole lot of different versions of same thing, but these are too cool not to and they are each different in own way.  You will see what I mean.

Pic 1:
Paper Plane:  That Chick - Petite Flyer - Doodles
Outfit:  That Chick - Forest Pixy and Scout Boots - Brown
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Monique (MMM12)

Pic 2:
Paper Plane:  That Chick - Petite Flyer - Newspaper

Pic 3:
Paper Plane:  That Chick - Petite Flyer - Notepaper

Pic 4 and 5:
Campfire:  That Chick - Cozy Campfire with Sounds (12 Prims - also 8 prim version)

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