52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Seashell Peach


I have a confession.  I somehow missed last week's colour.  I know.  I am horrified too.  I will make amends by doing it at some stage, but I was too excited about this week's colour to worry about it.  I am organised for this week and have worn this outfit out shopping for the last two days, so that I did not forget to blog it!

I am calling it:

All Seashell Peachy in the Boudoir

Chaise:  {what next} - Morning Tea Chaise
Lingerie:  League - Sakura Corset and Lingerie
Jewellery:  League - Pearls and Lace Earrings and 3Vintage Necklaces
Hair:  Exile - Midnight in Paris - Vanilla
Skin:  Idiosyncrasy - Audrey - Vintage - Natural
Eyes and Lashes:  Amacci - Emerald 14 Eyes and Allure Black Eyelashes
Background:  PNP - ICN - NaNoBoSc - 5 

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  1. Love these pics Arya... You look gorgeous.

  2. omigosh...I am in total love with that lingerie set...gorgeous pics!

  3. Thanks, Muse! I had so much fun with this one!

  4. Very pretty! I love that lingerie.

  5. Thanks, Ayako. It is awesome. I love it too.