Fantasy Faire Items from That Chick


I am so excited about the Fantasy Faire that I am counting the hours.  I am doing that because this year it is not just about the Big Jobs (big avatars), it is also going to include items for my petite.  So, I can shop for both avatars in the same place!  PERFECT!

One of my fav petite stores, That Chick at KaiAna, has let me give you a sneak preview of some of their new items that will be available at the Faire.  I am so honoured and am also in love with these gorgeous items to make your petite and their environment so amazing.

I can't give you the LM to where these will be at the Fantasy Faire because it hasn't started yet, so be patient!

Outfit:  Petites Tooth Fairy - Dark

Pic 2 and 3:
Outfit:  Petites Gem Thief - Green
Plant:  Petites Blooming Chair - Clover (These ACTUALLY bloom when you rez them.  So cool!)

Pic 4:
Flowers:  Lillies Pack - Blue

Pic 5 and 6:
Outfit:  Petites Gem Thief - Pink
Plant: Petites Butterfly Bower - Pink

Pic 7 and 8:
Outfit:  Horus
Flowers:  MoonBloom Pack - Purple


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  1. awww so cute and lovely. The pictures are stunning.

  2. Thank you, Dagmar! Easy to be cute when you have great stuff to work with!