Make Home Over Hunt - More For Your Home


Not just more for your home, but the actual home as well!  I am going to show you one of the houses and lots of furniture today, as well as those little extra items that pull it all together and make it perfect.

Landmarks are all on the website and remember to look for the clue board and join the group!  Make Home Over .  

Pic 1:
Lounge Set: (O)tentika - Pinky Green Living Room (#10)
Lamp:  Abiss - Tall Designer Lamp (#2)
Shelf and Items:  Adoration Home and Garden - White Wrought Iron Shelf and Accessories (#31)

Pic 2:
Lounger:  SOUL Possessions - Snuggles Lounger (#30)
Plant:  XED Design - MESH Spider Plant (#50)
Screen:  Zigana - Screen - Flower (#66)

Pic 3:
Daybed:  Animated Living - Trellis Bench Daybed (#3)
Table:  [CIRCA] - Sakura Blossom - Retro Table (#20)
Lamp:  Abiss - White Lamp (#2)
Dresser:  BoatHouse - Natural Number Dresser (#39)

Pic 4:
Kitchen Furniture:  Cleo Designs - MHOH Kitchen (#22 - Just My Imagination)

Pic 5:
Bedroom Set:  Treehouse Treasures - In Bloom (#21)

Pic 6 and 7:
House:  Designer Prims - Rustic Sprin Prefab (#5 - All pictures above taken inside)

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  1. Thanks so much Arya, your pics as always are soooo pretty. I must get off my building platform and do this hunt, looks like there are some great gifties, I love that boathouse dresser :)