52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Deep Pink


Ok, so this one was hard for me.  I am not a pink girl.  I took ages finding something to wear and thinking about this scene.  But it is done and I am looking forward to next week.  Nuff said.

I am calling this...

Peaceful in Pink

Outfit:  VMC - Marja - Pink
Hair:  D!va Hair - Vivienne
Skin:  Mynerva - Sophie
Glasses:  Solar Eyewear - Nash
Headphones:  [socialANGtz] - Phoenix Skulleez - Pink
Shoes:  TDR - Autumn Shoes - Pink
Furniture:  Designer Prims - Think Pink Lounger Set
Record Player:  {what next} - Fleeftone Retro Record Player
Building:  fucifino - Giardino Retreat 

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  1. oh so nice retro in pink.. hmm leisure time.. love it

  2. Ohh nice! What song was playing there?

  3. Know what you mean about glad that one is over hehe, I was thinking the same thing! You make it work though and least if you are out in the pink no one will know hehe I mean if you put something on over the top at least hehe

  4. Outright Hawt! Well done!

  5. OMG I just want the boots !!! nice pictures :-D

  6. OMG! You look totally Barbie, LOL! And I'm with Inkie, I WANT those boots!!!

  7. This shot makes it seem like this color was effortless for you, it's beautiful.

  8. aw for hating pink you did a great job! Its sweet, romantic and vintage! Love it

  9. Nicandra - I need some leisure time after that one!

    Kaelyn - I am thinking 'Pink' by Aerosmith or 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua

    Rudh - So glad that one is over and just thankful for Designer Prims pink stuff!

    Jade - Thank you!

    Inkie - Yeah the boots rock! I want some in RL...but not pink.

    Yvette - I am a Barbie girl in a barbie world. Hehe. And, yes, the boots are cool.

    Anichka - I wish it was effortless! Maybe next week...probably not.

    Laura - Thank you so much. I wanted it to look vintage, so glad that came through!