Be Prepared for Awesomeness!


The RFL Dreamseeker Home and Garden Expo is AMAZING.  I have spent all day there and still haven't got round the 14 sims.  Think I did well with getting round 8 of them.  I will be returning.

Today I will give you a taste of what to expect.  I will say, expect some awesome stuff set on lovely sims!  Oh, and expect to spend lots!

Each of the links is to the central sim teleport point or as close to store as possible.

This first photo is to prove to some friends of mine that I was not hallucinating.  I needed a cup of tea at this point in the day.  Thanks, Mudhoney!

Dreamseeker 1:

New Trails

Designer Prims

Dreamseeker 2: Ionic

Dreamseeker 3:  Synz Creations

Dreamseeker 5:  BoatHouse

Dreamseeker 7:  Lustre/Shoreman Designs - Thingies

Dreamseeker 8:  Organica

Dreamseeker 12:  reBourne Prefabs 

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