H&G Expo - Dreamseeker 8, 9 and 10!


I am loving this blogging.  Each folder I open is just so amazing and I am worrying about how much I will be keeping.  So much for my clean-out not so long ago.  That goes out the window.  The items are piling up!
I hope by now you have all been over to the Expo, and if you haven't then WHY THE HANG NOT?  There are bargains to be had and some of THE most amazing creations in SL PLUS you will be supporting RFL!

Dreamseeker 8:

[ba] - Catalina Cabana and Furniture Pack

Clutter - Windsor Desk with Chair (RFL Item)

Dreamseeker 9:

[Black Tulip] - Obscura Ballerina

Tether's End - Garden Summer House and Cuddle Hammock (sold separately)

Dreamseeker 10:

Katy's Kreations Sculpties - Berkeley Sideboard and Thomas Coffee Table (RFL Items - sold separately)

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