H&G Expo - Focus on Designer Prims


Today I am going to begin to give you a more in-depth look at the designers and their lovely designs. This post will focus on Designer Prims and this great little house by designer, Elle Crescendo.

This Little Beach House is perfect for those of you, like me, who have smaller land space, but still want something with style and space.  It also keeps down those all-important prims, as this house is only 60 prims (basic house) or 87 with the kitchen and lighting.  Brilliant!

The one feature I have always loved about Elle's houses is the ability to texture change parts of your home with an easy-to-use menu. This house is no different, with options to change the shadows, shutters, accent wall, bricks and floors!  This means you can redecorate from the comfort of your couch!

And now for the best part...

At the Home and Garden Expo you can get this house AND all the furniture you see here for 899L with ALL the proceeds going to Relay for Life!  So, your land can look stylish and you can feel good about it too knowing that you have helped support this great cause.

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  1. Arya, thank you so much, these posts from the expo are stunning. Very much appreciated, thank you x

  2. You are welcome, Elle. Love your stuff!