H&G Expo - Focus on Dreamseeker 2


Today is a post that incorporates a whole heap from Dreamseeker 2. I decided to blog these lovely items inside Thistle's awesome new house.  Some friends dropped by and decided it was lovely!  I agree.  Did you pick who the stranger is in Pic 7?  He landed on my while I was doing that pic and almost gave me a heart attack, so I made him pose with me. That will learn him.

Anyway, here is a taste of Dreamseeker 2.  It is nowhere near everything over there, so make sure you head on over and wander!

Pic 1:  {what next} -
Lounging Chair and Half Set - Pink/Green
Fleeftone Retro Recod Player - Peenk
Got Music Framed Poster (MESH)
Loungin' Floor Pillow - Green
Loungin' Rug
Pile of Vinyl (MESH)

Pic 2 and 3:
Furniture:  {what next} - Charlotte Living Room Set - A
Curtains:  Insight Designs - Neon Garden Curtain

Pic 4:
Curtains:  Insight Designs - Raindrop Curtains
Chair:  Angie's Home Interiors - Big Comfy Beach Chair - Green Stripes
Wall Hanging:  Insight Designs - Let's Go Anywhere Poster

Pic 5:  Sway's -
Set 1:  Deckchair - Vacation
Set 2:  Lawn Chair - Peace
Roses:  Paperbag with Roses (Expo Gift)

Pic 6:  %Percent -
Huxley Garden Set (RFL Item with texture change)

Pic 7:  %Percent -
Chairs:  The Karl Chair - Regular and Textured (with texture change)
Retro Record Player (with radio)
Records:  Retro Record Storage - Blue

Pic 8:  Thistle
Coastal Cottage - with texture change, privacy windows and doors.  Prims = 142, Footprint = 17x27m

Pic 9 and 10:  L&K Prefabs -
Shades of White - 73 Prims  with window texture changing menu in two rooms (RFL Item)
Garden House - 39 Prims and sooo perfect for a relaxing nook or tea with friends.  Very cute!

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