H&G Expo - Focus on UrbanizeD


One of my favourite stores in SL is UrbanizeD and this has a lot to do with the creator and designer, Pitsch Parx, who is one of the nicest people around and incredibly creative as well.  I have always been an admirer of his work and was not surprised to find his offerings for the Expo were as amazing as always!

As you my or may not know, I am not normally a pink person, but even I cannot help loving these gorgeous home accessories that will end up stealing the show in any home.

You will find the UrbanizeD area on Sim 1 HERE.

1.  Garden on a String - B
2.  Roses and Leaves "Mannequin"
3.  Vase "Bi-Color" - A
4.  Deco Birdcage - C (Part of Set)
5.  Deco Sparkle Paintings (Part of Set A)

1.  Deco Sparkle Paintings (Part of Set A)
2.  Garden on a String - A
3.  Deco Birdcage - A and B (Part of Set)
4.  Vase and Tulips "Wabi Sabi" - A
5.  Candles and Ivy "Mannequin"

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