Hanging Out at the Home and Garden Expo


Now that I have recovered from a whole day taking pics at the Home and Garden Expo, I will put up some more of the pics that I took yesterday.

Even if you do not own a house or land, the expo is still worth a look because you will see some amazing creativity on display.  I was wowed by so many items and areas as you will see from the pics.  I am also in love with way too many houses and have decided to just camp at Sim 1 and 2 cos they are so gorgeous.  Wonder if anyone would notice me setting up a tent...

Pic 1:  Dreamseeker 12:  Creative Fantasy

Pics 2 and 3:  Dreamseeker 12:  reBourne Prefabs (More of The Dome which is soooo worth a visit)

Pic 4:  Dreamseeker 1:  D&M DreamHomes

Pic 5:  Dreamseeker 1:  Neva Crystall's WindowShopping

Pic 6:  Dreamseeker 2: Funky Junk

Pic 7:  Dreamseeker 2:  Sway's

Pic 8:  Dreamseeker 8:  Homes by  JLZ (Make sure you read The Rich Tree because it sums up the need for RFL events)

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