Meshing About at VMC


I love  VMC .  It is a great store that provides lovely clothes at very affordable prices.  I wish there had been a store around like this when I was starting out in SL.  It also goes to prove my theory that awesome fashion in SL does not have to cost a whole heap of Lindens.  You can still look great while keeping the costs down!  Hence the reason I get a bit huffy with people begging for Lindens so that they can "look good".  Pffft.  1.  Earn ya own money and 2.  Get sensible about where you shop!  (I am getting off my soapbox now...)

Hair is from Elikatira (Blind), poses are a mixture from !bang poses and background is from PNP (Forgotten)

Pic 1:
Dress:  Mesh Dress (Group Gift)

Pic 2:
Outfit:  Lisa - Green (10L)

Pic 3:
Dress:  Mini Dress - Mesh 1 (25L)

Pic 4:
Outfit:  Takira Tank Mesh - Grey (25L - Jeans included)

Pic 5:
Outfit:  Bell Skirt Mesh - Sun (25L - Tee included)

Pic 6:
Outfit:  Laris Top Mesh - Blue (25L - Jeans included)

Pic 7:
Outfit:  Mellany Top Mesh (25L - Jeans included)

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  1. Thank youu my friend.. wonderfull post.

    I am very happy for her affection with the VMC :)