One of the big changes that came through from the survey was the re-joining of the two blogs.  Most didn't care either way, but there were definitely more of you than wanted it than not.  I should have asked you all why, but surveys are obviously not my future career direction.  Anyway, today I joined them up and I bet ya didn't even notice!  I even learned how to export and import a blog.  Yay.  New skill.

So, from now on you will get all your fashion and furniture in the same place.  Makes it easy and you can think of this blog as a one stop shop!  I will be closing the Where the Heart is blog down in the next few days.  Bit sad, but I am excited about this new direction.  

There will be a couple of other smaller changes in the next little while, but I will make it as painless as possible for you!  In the meantime, blogging goes on and thanks again for your support and ideas.

Oh, and remember to 'follow' this blog by clicking the 'join' button on the right hand side of the page.  Just scroll down if you can't see it.

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