Just the Shoes


Sometimes I don't feel I give enough attention to the footwear of SL.  Now, don't get me wrong here.  I love SL shoes.  I have a shoe collection I am proud of, but sometimes in the mad rush to get pics taken and blogged, I neglect to give credit where credit is due to the shoes in the picture, which is why today is just shoes...nothing else.

I also have to apologise to the awesome designers of Zero Cool Designz who gave me these lovely shoes to blog and I tucked them away to keep them safe from deletion, but accidentally put them in a weird place and lost them until today when I discovered them in a random inventory cleanout.  I am rapt to be able to show them to you!

Pic 1:
Zero Cool Designz - Love Poison Nr.7

Pic 2:
Zero Cool Designz - Heart on Wings Chucks

Pic 3:
Zero Cool Designz - Calista Boots - Black (in loads of colours)

Pic 4:
Impish - Chuckies (FTLO Black Market)

Pic 5:
*Epic* - Kawaii Shin Kickers - Blue (ZP Carnival)

Pic 6:
{PopTart} - Chibi Bot Digi Boots - Onyx

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