Never Plain in Jane


One of my fav stores in SL is Jane and this is because the clothes suit my style.  I would wear them in RL if I could too.  Janie has a knack for creating lovely items that suit a variety of shapes and tastes.  Clever!

So, when the notecard came through about new items AND a sale, I was there at the click of a button!  The sale is of all the old rigged mesh items before standard sizing came in.  So if you are a 'petite (not the avatars), fair, plump or luscious' then this is the sale for you.  I was the fair sizing so is good for me!  They are in a back room at Jane and are 50% off, so check them out.

These items are the NEW items and the pics are taken inside the new VIP gift from Cheeky Pea.  The pose prop is from Glitterati and is called 'The Shopaholic's Closet'.  Seemed apt!  Hair is from Exile and Skin is Ploom.

Pic 1:
Blake Dress - Raven

Pic 2:
Leena Dress - Blues

Pic 3:
Rachel Dress - Chilli

Pic 4:
Shasta Dress - Cornflower

Pic 5:
Skybox - Cheeky Pea - Easy Being Green (VIP Gift)

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