We Like to Party!


Yes, Vengaboys, we do like to party!  We also like celebrations in SL and here is one not to miss.  If you love the Home and Garden Market Hunt (and, who didn't?), then you will love the Home and Garden Summer Ball!  There will be live music, DJs and pressies!  I also happen to know one of the DJs very personally (ok, it is me), so come along and party!  Need I say more!

Ok, I won't, but below the invite is the blurb from the official notecard!  The LM is in the blurb.

"We are delighted to invite you to the Home and Garden Summer Ball to help us celebrate summer and our one year anniversary.

We wish to take the time to celebrate the past year of fun and events we have had, the designers who have joined our group and the many people in SL who have contributed to the success of the market - yourself included.

When:   Friday 29 June - last day of the Summer Fair

Time:  1pm  - 5 pm SLT

Where:   On Triskelion Shores sim

Dress:   Semi formal - formal  please

We are delighted to have the brand new First Street Jazz Club host the ball for us.   These guys are great hosts.   They will be organising some wonderful live musicians and singers to perform for us.  I've heard the performers they have and they are great.  They will be singing a range of songs from 60's to today.

If you need something to wear for the ball First Street Jazz also has a range of lovely stores with formal wear for men and women with some of the best SL designers."

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