ZombiePopcorn Carnival Tease


And just to get you salivating and ready for the carnival, here is a wee taste of what is to come!  The sim is so cool and I keep getting distracted by the all the cool fair rides here.  Can't wait to grab a hotdog, nosh down some popcorn and then jump on the rides and spin til I puke.  Good times.

But remember, the Carnival does not start til the 15th, so no trying to sneak under the fence.  You do NOT want to mess with Carney Folk...

Skin:  Mojo - ZombiePopcorn Edition
Glasses:  [ContraptioN] - Keele's Spectacle
Top:  {K}Rea - White Cross Blouse
Leggings:  *Rezlpsa Loc* - Ombre Tights - Bloody Black
Boots:  [Aliza Karu] - Rocking Horse Boots
Pose:  Focus Poses - Carnival Pack

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