ZP Brand - June


I know the ZombiePopcorn carnival is starting soon (see Upcoming Events Page), but the new round at the ZombiePopcorn Brand store is out.  Think of it as a delicious entrée to prepare you for the main meal.

Pic 1:
Dress:  [SAKIDE] - One Shoulder Studs Dress - Black
Nails:  PIDIDDLE - Manicure - Shattered
Lipgloss:  MONS - Makeup - Lipgloss Idol - Ombre Yellow
Pose Prop:  Ploom - The Tube

Pic 2:
Wings:  *Epic* - Fairy Sparkle Leaf Wings (also in petite size)
Skirt:  Color.Me.H.O.F- My Cross Skirt - Mesh - Pastel

Pic 3:
Bag:  {SeVered GarDeN} - Carefree Bag - Earth

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