52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Cadmium Red


This colour seemed so simple, yet my inventory was strangely void of the right shade of red.  So, I went for a hint rather than a whole heap.  I think it works.  I found the top and then spent ages putting this outfit together.  The skateboard was the finishing touch!  Done.

I am calling this...

I Heart Skating

Hat and Hair:  Hype - Axel Hair
Piercings:  Fear Us - Gothic Cross Lip Ring
Heart Tatt:  Pin Me Down - My Broken Heart
Arm Tatts:  Endless Pain Tattoos - Pit Bull - Fresh
Top:  Apple May Designs - Graphic Tank - Heart Splatter
Stomach Tatt:  Repulse - Septic Stomach Wound
Shorts:  [SAKIDE] - Sassy Puffy Shorts - Black
Leg Scratches:  Hysteria - Tell Me Where It Hurts
Shoes:  aMuse - Back to School Chucks
Board:  Abranimations - Stunt Skateboard
Background:  PNP - Cyber City 9

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  1. Yea, the hint totally works. Such a strong look you've got going on there!

  2. Thank you, Yvette! Love the grungy looks!

  3. Well.. It is Arya's heart! Cool grunge urban shots!

  4. Thanks, Laura. Glad you picked up my 'heart'theme there! Hehe!