...And Something Blue


My lovely friend, Heavenly, told me about this gorgeous cottage over atThe Rural Route so I whipped over to have a looksee.  I was blown away.  It is SO gorgeous.  The creator's name is MsFuzzy Dumpling (love it) and she also has some furniture in the house too.  I loved the fact that I didn't have any work to do here except take pics and look pretty (cough...).  The interior decorating was all done with lovely items from the House and Garden Market sim and beyond.  Perfect.

I have labelled all the items in the house, so that if you see something you like you can find it.  I would like it all!

House is 112 Prims and non-mesh.

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  1. omg what a cute place... will go look

  2. I just put a new house up after four years of procrastination and collecting houses - but now I need to replace it with this adorable gingerbread-ish house! I love learning of new home builders in SL - esp those who create quirky period homes like this. Great post and beautiful pics!

  3. Thankyou, Eurydice. It is gorgeous which made it easy fore to do pics!

  4. Oh, my goodness! This is just lovely - and perfect for our sim! Just wait until my aunt sees it. She'll have one too, I bet, and it will be beautiful, nestled into fields of lavender... Thank you for posting about this sweet home!