Celebrations and Holidays


I love the fact that in SL, I can celebrate whatever I want.  I guess in some ways we cross boarders and become international or multinational, or just residents of earth.  I don't know.  But, I do know that today I can join with my American friends in celebrating their independence.

I guess that is kind of ironic since I live in a country where the Queen is still technically the boss, but I will celebrate any victory over tyranny and oppression.

Anyway, today I get to show you some great 4th of July newness and freebies.  I wish I got to watch the fireworks with you all, but I will settle for toasting you on your special day.

Pic 1:
Outfit:  [SAKIDE] - Born to Be Alive (60L)

Pic 2:
Bikini:  [SAKIDE] - Lil Miss USA Bikini (60L)

Pic 3:
Bikini:  *Boom* - Ellio Bikini - American Flag (0L)

Pic 4:
Outfit and Shoes:  [dirty.little.secret] - 4th of July (Mesh - 0L)

Pic 5:
Dress:  siss boom - Brighton Shore Dress (Mesh - Group Gift)

Pic 6:
Dress:  [SAKIDE] - Loving Straps Dress - Black (Mesh - 80L)

Pic 7:
Outfit:  [SAKIDE] - US Punk Outfit (60L)

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