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I was reading Chic Aeon's blog today and her post about heights and shapes in SL intrigued me.  I decided to see how much Arya has changed in the past year with the onset of mesh.  Chic's post came from one from Strawberry Singh, so make sure you check them out.

I have had my current shape for a LONG time.  It is called Anaise and is from Skin Within.  I have slightly altered it, but it mostly the same as when I bought it in Nov 2008.  I still love it.  The picture here shows my normal shape.  In the standard sizing I still range between a Small to Medium, depending on the item.  My stats for this shape are:

Height:  66 - 6'6"
Body Thickness - 36
Body Fat - 18
Head Size - 50
Breast Size - 50
Arm Length - 70
Hand Size - 20
Torso Length - 39
Leg Length - 51
Butt Size - 42
Foot Size - 0

With mesh I have created a 'skinny' version.  In fact, that is what I have called it in my inventory - 'Anaise Skinny'.  This is for those mesh items that just do not sit well on my 'normal' avatar.  It is especially useful for certain poses that make you jut your hips out etc. This is a pic of this the 'skinny' version.

The only difference between my normal avi and my skinny one is:

Body Fat - 2
Breast Size - 47

That is it.  I didn't even change the body thickness.

In this shape I am a XS-S.  I even managed to fit an XS in some shorts.

Below is a pic of me exactly a year ago.  As you can see the shape is basically the same.  It is a shot taken closer than these, but I used the same shape as in pic one.

Strawberry also wanted some answers to the following questions, so here is my take on mesh:

How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all?  Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it?
In the early mesh days I was given mesh to blog, but didn't tend to wear it as I was aware that others did not have viewers that could see mesh and I didn't want to look like a weird blob, or half invisible.  After a while I thought, "Oh, darn em!  I like it, so I will wear it!"  Now, I wear mesh most days.  In fact I almost shying away from non-mesh items.  I like the way mesh moves and sits on my body without loads of layers.  I also have mesh furniture, shoes and accessories.  The only concern I have is whether there is the same creativity.  A while back in an event I saw the same shirt shown by 5 different designers just with different textures.  Perhaps this was a fluke.  I hope so.

Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh?  If so, did you go bigger or smaller?
I guess I answered that above, but I can honestly say that I do not change it for every item.  It just depends on the 'cut' of the item.  Mostly I am in the top shape, and only change for the odd item to blog it, then back to normal shape.

Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don't already?
Ok, I will confess that I had to find out what the mesh deformer is.  I am still not thoroughly sure as I am not a designer, but I know it won't affect my mesh wearing as I already wear and use it heaps every day.  The sizes have never really worried me too much and I think in all my mesh wearing time that I have only found one item that I could not get to fit.  That was my lesson for trying demos!
As I am a V2 user (only one that works for me), I will go with the flow of whatever LL develops in the way of sorting mesh for everyone.  Onward and upwards!

I was discussing this with some friends at a club I DJ at and we decided to change our shapes to our actual RL heights.  Another friend wandered in, so we took a pic next to him to show the comparison.  Hehe!  Just so you know I am 5'9" in RL, so this is what that looks like in SL...

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  1. What did you use to determine your avatar height in the club pic at the end of the article? If you used the height ruler Strawberry suggested, you may have wound up a couple of inches shorter. If you used official viewer appearance editor height, you were then half a foot or more taller!

  2. Thank you so much for participating! <3

  3. Hi great blog. I found the mesh comments very interesting. I am also wondering why everything I find in mesh looks the same. Can a designer tell us why that is?
    Loved the pic at the end, we should all be petites and take up less space. (there is an example of innovative mesh usage)

  4. Penny, I used the ruler that Strawberry had. I did have shoes on, so figured I was about right. I think we looked so cute.

    Strawberry, this was fun!

    Anon, if I was a petite I would have been even smaller! Hehe.