Last Minute!


Nothing like showing something at the last minute and making you run to get it.  But, I have to show these items because they are SOOO good.  One also has an interesting story behind it.

I went over to Second Spaces to buy their SUYS item and came home.  I rezzed it, invited a friend in to show her, then logged off.  When I came back the cabin was gone!  I searched my lost and found, my inventory, relogged, emptied my cache and relogged to a FS Sim, and even got my friend to do a sim restart...nothing.

So, I sent a notecard to Elle, the owner and designer of Second Spaces, and explained the situation.  I realised it wasn't her error, but she was so lovely and replaced the cabin for me.  Whew!  Thank you so mush, Elle for going above and beyond!

The other items were drama-free, but are just as awesome.

The grass you see in these pics is from New Trails.

Second Spaces:  Mills Summer Camp Cabin (150L in SUYS)

Trompe Loeil - Garden Bench and Planter - White (100L in SUYS - My scratches are from camp...)

{What Next} - Our Wooden Tree Swing (New Item)

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