"Somebody That I Used To Know"


              I never get too personal on this blog, but today I'm going to make an exception.
Second Life, as we all know, is an amazing platform where people can create, become, express, and transform their ideas. No matter how far apart, we can interact to create unique bonds and intense relationships. 

                   I treat these relationships as I would in real life, with trust, honesty, respect, and loyalty. In fact, I wouldn't say there is a difference, they're just my friends- period. So when it comes to the surface that someone I  have become emotionally invested in, has lied and fabricated a whole life story, I feel completely blind sided and manipulated.

          Accepting the fact that nobody is perfect and we all make our choices (right or wrong), I tried to tell this person I still cared and wanted a clean slate for a friendship- no more dishonesty. The next day, this person left, avatar gone/unregistered/ghosted. They left never acknowledging the lies and how they deceived many of those who cared. I know it's silly, but when this person just disappeared, I felt like a part of my world disappeared too and never existed. 

                Without any "closure", I've spent a lot of my time contemplating why this person lied. I'm trying to understand how easy it could be to leave. Do the relationships you make on Second Life have no meaning? Could you just turn off the computer and not be affected any longer? What about the friends you've brought into your real life? Are there any consequences to the actions!? Does deleting your avatar solve the issue? No, there are still people who are left hurt and deceived- you're still that person who lied, even after the computer is turned off.

        The interactions I've had cannot be replaced nor can the impact you've had in my life. Thank you, my friends, for allowing me to be a little bit broken, frustrated and confused. For allowing me to pick myself up and listening when I felt I had nobody to turn to.

Picture 1:

Shirt:  Not So Bad - Liam Tshirt Grey (Mesh)
Boxer Briefs: Zaara -Deven Boxers
Hair: Exile -Tidal
Pose by Adaline May

Picture 2:

Shorts:  Not So Bad- Noam Shorts Black (Mesh)
Feet: Slink: Mens Natural Barefeet (Mesh)
Pose: HISpose- Emolean

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  1. Well said, Mister. I have missed you awfully, and appreciate you sharing a piece of your heart and journey with us. Thanks for continuing to be in our world.

  2. "I felt like a part of my world disappeared too and never existed."

    I can relate. It really is the worst feeling in the world I know how much it can hurt and how many questions you are left with not to mention anger and resentment and still after all of that .. love. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy nor someone who did the same thing to me.

  3. Squishy, that is an awesome reply! Thank you for your honesty and empathy!

  4. Mister, for every disappearing avatar, there are many more who love you and are still here. Yes some people do fabricate and lie their way through SL, in the end they are the ones who have lost the most. The chance to make awesome friends, and to be loved and trusted by wonderful people from all around the world who reach out to all of us in SL.

  5. Aww Mister, big hugs, I’m so sorry this happened to you and thank you for sharing, I hope it gives you comfort.

    Here’s the thing, this person who lied to you, deceived and disappeared is most likely no more reliable in RL than inSL. I understand that in SL we are avatars and some people are able to project different sides of themselves, but we are still real people sitting atour lap tops and computers and as in RL some people are fake and some people are real. Just as in RL we meet people who disappoint and hurt us, the only difference really, is that in SL people can simply vanish with little or no consequence to themselves, only the people they leave behind. Don't lose faith xx