And All This Stuff


It is time to show you some other items from round SL that I have neglected of late.  I know some of these items may no longer be brand-spanking new, but they are still worth showing.

The hair is the same as I showed you yesterday.  It is called Awkward and is from Magika.  Hopefully you will get a better look at it today.

Pic 1:
Gown:  [SAKIDE] - White Fairest Dress - Floral (Fairest of Them All Hunt)

Pic 2
Headphones: {PopTart} - Mesh Butterfly Heaphones- White (Recent Item)
Top:  [Caution] - Misunderstood (Fashion Voodoo)
Jeans: Hucci - Shoshanna Denim - Starfish (Recent Item)
Shoes:  Hucci - Nia Pump - Corner Red (Recent Item)

Pic 3:
Gown:  Leri Miles Designs - Hunt Gift (Fairest of Them All Hunt)

Pic 4:
Dress:  Leverocci - Weiss Dress - Pastel Blue (Group Gift)

Pic 5:
Swimwear:  Miamai - Oula - Lotus (Group Gift)

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