Back to School 4


Some of you might have been surprised that I've enrolled into Edgewood Preparatory School. Me? Studious? Pffft. I'll let you in on my real intentions for going there. You see, I was working at my minimum wage job after school and in came this hot, blonde bombshell. I'm talkin' about 36- 24- 36, guys. She was wearing her Edgewood varsity jacket, and I thought, "Sweet baby cheeezus, I gotta know her!" 
 I was lost in her splendor and when I finally snapped out of it, she was gone! I hope I can find her before the term ends. 

Yesterday, the head mistress of the school talked about school colors and outfits. I figured I'd give my take on the school colors and make it! If I can't find her, at least I'll be looking good trying. Mystery girl, where are you!?

Picture 1:

Hat: Argrace - Baseball Cap
Backpack- Kal Rau- Urban Back pack
Shirt: Hoorenbeek - Mesh Basic Shirt
Pants: Hoorenbeek-Mesh Pants Beige
Tie: WC -sophistiQ
Shoes: GOS -Desert Boots

Picture 2:
Jacket with shirt:  Hoorenbeek - Corduroy Jacket
Shorts: CM - Trepid Jean Shorts
Shoes: 2real - FWings

Picture 3:

Beanie: Entente- Slouch Beanie
Shirt w/ tie: CM - messy shirt
Pants: Epicosity -Casual Chino / Red

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