Back to School Approved


Once August rolls around, you know it's back to school time. What's more important than looking good on your first day? I've got a few looks for you brosephs who want to make a good impression on campus. My next few posts will be dedicated to "back to school" outfits, as indicated by the logo on the pictures (thanks, McAndrews). All posts were taken at Columtreal University, in front of the women's dormitory. ;)

When on campus, it's all about being comfortable, yet cool. These outfits instills both of those qualities. 

Picture 1
Hat: Argrace - Baseball Cap
Top:  N-Creations @ voodoo event - hoodie/green
Bottoms: Not So Bad- Noam shorts
Backpack: Kal Rau - Urban Backpack

Picture 2
Top: N-Creations @ voodoo event - Hoodie with Shirt Beige
Jeans: Razorblade Jacket- Jaw Breaker Grunge Jeans
Glasses: Entente - Sebastien Glasses

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  1. those jackets are stolen from mass effect 3 game just a bit of the texture changed.

    1. Yea, that's why I like it dumbass.

    2. They are stolen. and modded is againts copyright laws. do you like ppl to steal from your work? yeah i love mass effect but i rather play it than pay someone who doesnt deserve anything 'cause he didnt do anything but recolor some parts and release.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thanks for commenting and the update, I was unaware of the copyright infringement. I am not the creator, but will look further into it.

  2. hmm are you sure or they was stolen or maybe made like this one from game? this jacket is not identical with this one from game (in my opinion) and second things is realy not big problem maid something by use only screans from game or other pics if someone know photoshop, and this prim is not realy complicated...
    is easy to accuse someone but before you will do this you should have strong evidence