Don't Make Me Get the Pins Out


If you don't get over to Fashion Voodoo then I might just have to get out my voodoo doll and break out the pins...just sayin'.

But seriously, folks, this is one FAB event.  Loads of stores with tons of items.  And they have revamped and done techy things to the sims, so nowhere near as laggy as those first few days.  Worth a trip back if you  were in treacle the first time.

Oh, and as promised, today's DreamScene from Garden of Dreams is called Whirl.  I might stay here all day.

Hair is called Sione and is new at Amacci.

Pic 1:
Headband:  !!XtraX!! - Headband
Skin:  Useful Things - Skin - Shiva
Necklace:  *LOULOU&CO* - Necklace - Matryoshka
Lingerie:  Chandelle - Pantis/Top Set - Red

Pic 2:
Dress:  [SHUSH] - Party Mesh Dress - Satin Red

Pic 3:
Top:  Razorblade Jacket - Criss-Cross Tank - Brown
Jeans:  [SHUSH] - Mesh Skinny Jeans - Blue

Pic 4:
Top:  *Epic* - Mesh Loose Tank - Dirty Harry
Watches:  TP!B - TimeX - Metals

Pic 5:
Top:  *HolliPocket* - Busteh Top - Slate

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  1. like the scenery, but what are dream scenes?

  2. I will be blogging more of the dreamscenes soon and telling you all about them, so keep an eye out.