Dressing for Voodoo


I have a few more bits and pieces from the Depraved Nation Fashion Voodoo event.  There is only a few days left, so I am trying to show you as much as I can before it is all over.  I am sad thinking about that!

The hair I am wearing in these pics is from Magika and is a new item called Awkward.  It is a funky ponytail and I will wear it again so you get to see the whole thing.  It is not at Fashion Voodoo.

Pic 1:
Skin:  EnvyMe - Nessa Skin - Glam
Dress:  !Intrepid - Jersey Knit - Sage

Pic 2:
Dress:  AngelRED - Partial Mesh Minidress

Pic 3:
Outfit:  Crank Designs - Anna Lena

Pic 4:
Top:  AVALE - Helena - Goddess
Pants:  AVALE - Lara - Night

Pic 5:
Top:  ~Shabby Cat~ - Jinx Mesh Tank - Pink

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