Soooo Much to Share


I have so much to share that I am doing a double post today.  Make sure you check out the post below this to get a looksee at some of the items from The Summer Harvest Hunt.

This post is all about furniture and home items.  I have had some of these sitting in my inventory for a week, so it is time to get them out and share them with you.  

You are all getting a sneak peek of a new house from a favourite designer of mine...but I am not telling who and I am not telling you which pic it is in. The house will be released sometime over the weekend.  

Pic 1:
Wall Decor:  {what next} - Falling Wall Decor (10L in Four Walls Hunt)

Pic 2:
Furniture:  Senzafine - 'Xochitl' (New Release - Rug, Wall Art and Bird of Paradise Plant are 60L items this weekend)

Pic 3:
Tree and Swing:  [CIRCA] - Rose Fable Tree in Midnight (Fairest of Them All Hunt - also in red)

Pic 4:
Lounge:  [CIRCA] - Parisian Conversation Bench (If I Were Rich Hunt - Finishes Tomorrow)

Pic 5:
Planter:  Vaughan's House of Curiosities - Love Potion (Fashion Voodoo - Finishes Tomorrow)

Pic 6:
Sidetable:  Senzafine - Cloud Nine Console Table and Lamp (Serendipity Hunt)

Pic 7:
Chair:  Senzafine - Heritage Window Seat (Four Walls Hunt)

The following items are a couple from the Home and Garden Market Mystery Weekend.  "It's a fun event where shopper pay 25L for a box which has a home and garden item in it but its a complete mystery what is in there until they get home and open it!

For shoppers who love home and garden items and opening Christmas and Birthday pressies - this event is for you!"  All items are valued over 50L each, so you are getting bargains!

I am not going to tell you which stores these items are from or it will ruin the mystery!

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