New Home from Designer Prims


My lovely friend, Elle from Designer Prims, gave me this new house to look at the other day and I have had to keep it all hush hush and not show the pics I took til today.  I almost combusted with keeping that all suppressed and in!

I took a ton of pics because I really wanted to show this house off at its best.  It is a stunner.

Here are some of the features of the house:

  • The house on its own is 53 prims, and 122 with the kitchen, bookshelves & accessories, plants, kitchen, lights, and outdoor furniture.
  • It has an animated pool, kitchen, book nook seat and ladder, and outdoor furniture.  The animations are awesome and the ones in the pool are so much fun.
  • There is a security management system and texture change controls for floor, patio floor, bricks, shutters and feature wall.  The outdoor furniture is also touch to texture change.
This house is all about light and spaces.  It is open and airy, but still has those little corners to cosy up in.  This is a modern home, but really looks fabulous with a variety of furniture designs.  I hope my photos will show that.

I have labelled all the furniture so that if you see something you like, you can go grab it!

The house is called With Aroha.  Aroha is a Maori word meaning love, and nicely places a touch of Elle's country, New Zealand, onto this gorgeous home.

Designer Prims - With Aroha (Love)

Outdoor Areas

The Living Room and Kitchen

 Hallway and Book Nook



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